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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacman's Victory... Salute to all Filipino!

I may not be in Manila but somehow I knew how it looks like especially with Manny Pacquiao fighting. It's a little bit corny but it is true that everytime Manny has boxing competation to anywhere in the world it's as if Philippines time stop as everyone are watching. Less traffic created because drivers stop working to see the left and righ hook of Manny. It's also the time when war in Mindanao cease fire because everyones eye are on television. Sounds exaggerating but then that's the truth behind Pacman's fight.

Today is again the big day for Manny as well as for filipino people. It's as if fighting for your nation and Manny is our Nation's pride. Once again, the Philippine time stopped at 10 am but unlike other boxing competition this fight was the shortest one. In just a matter of two rounds, Manny won by knocking out Hatton. The big fight last in a flash. Wow! Another world record and I am so proud that Manny won! Pacman's victory is our nation's pride!

Congratulation Manny! Thank you for making Pilipinas proud! God bless you always!