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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Go for Green WebHosting!

I am so worried about the Swine Flu death rates as it is increasing day after day. Just this morning, death rates for Swine Flu victims increased by four for Canada alone. Although it's not as bad as SARS, we still need to be aware of what is really going on around us, that way we will be able to know the best things to do when the flu strike us. There's nothing really clear on where the bacteria really came from but I think the weather change has also something to do with it. There's a big irregularities with the weather we have right now and I think it's continously changing year after year. Experts said that it's one of the effect of Global warming.

Can we do something about it? Of course we can! The impact may not be that big but rather than sitting and waiting we can do something to make a difference. Green web hosting for one, this is an eco friendly web hosts. By subscribing to them you will be backing up the respectable green web host and somehow will make you feel better because you know that in one way or another you are able to contribute in saving the earth. Web hosts that are included to green web hosting use alternative energy, recyling wastes, purchases RECs to power their datacenters and with that they have big contributions in maintaining a cleaner and safer environment. So, if you really wanted to help control global warming then green web hosting suits you well. To learn more about web hosting, I suggest that you also read web hosting 101 and I'm sure that you will get more information about web hosting.