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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taking Chances...

Hmmm, I think everyone of you are now thinking how am I. Well, to give you an update I am currently doing okey and having a great time at home. Yeah, I already quit working for awhile because I wanted to take a chance in upgrading myself this year. I am thinking of going back to school and take either practical nursing or maybe an xray technician. I'm little scared though because I have to attend school where everyone are talking in english. LOL!

I already get an appointment this coming May 21 to see if I'll be able to pass for the scholarship that the Canadian goverment is giving. I hope and I pray that I'll be able to pass so that I won't have problem in paying for my tuition fee. More than ever, I wanted to take this chance to improve myself more not only for hubby but also for me. Please do pray for me that I will be able to pass for the scholarship.

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Gorgeous MUM said...

good luck on all your plans! wishing you the best!