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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Manage your own PROPERTY!

Just few months ago when I received a message from my sister about our real property way back home. It has been put as our collateral for our loan. I almost forgot the details of the contract until my sister revisited it because she wanted to pay our loan and get the title back. It was then when it sink into my mind that we almost lost our parent's land because the due date of our loan was almost over but thanks God for not letting it to happened. My sister just get it on time by paying our loan. Now, our property is back but I don't want to get into that dilemma again. See, we really need Real Property Management to look over for our real properties because that way we will know that our properties won't go out of hand again. Real Property Management specializes in managing of single family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings as well as home owner's association. They offer services like tenant placement, affordable management fees with no leasing fees, regular property inspections, accounting, project management and a lot more. Looking at it, I know that they can really help us.


lunaticg said...

Thank you for writing about real property management.
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Gorgeous MUM said...

hi laura! i'm back! missed you!

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Gorgeous MUM said...

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