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Monday, February 16, 2009

Economy Crisis, when will it gonna stop?

Big damaged is all I can see eversince the economy started. I still rememembered when the a large company in Wall Street announced it's bankruptcy and created a big chaos to the world. It's affected so other large companies and created over a million of unemployment all over. Until now, it is still uncertained when will the economy will rise again or will it ever be better in the future? What I only knew is that it affected us so much. When will it gonna stop? I am really praying that it will be over soon. It's eating us all. Where is that money now? Oh, I know you too has lots of questions like me and hoping that it will be answered soon. As of now, we can't do nothing about it but we can do something for ourselves. Be brave and face the reality with courage and faith to God. All will be better soon. As they said, there's always sunshine after the rain. I am just hoping that we will see the sunshine faster than we thought.