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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are you planning to buy your own DOMAIN?

When I started blogging I never really thought of buying my own domain. I just wanted to write and blog all my ideas, aspirations, dreams and anything that are happening to me. Plain and simple, isn't it? Well, that's when I still naive on what the domain can do to a blogger like me. I even thought that free hosting will complete everything that I need but that's not the case because since it is free there are many limitations that you have to follow inorder to get their service. Sometimes it frustrate me if there are things I wanted to do with my own blog account that I cannot really do because I am just one of those many bloggers getting the free service. This past few days, I was really thinking of getting my own domain but since there's a payment involved I really have to think thoroughly about it. Do I really need it? Is there any cheap domain that I can get? Is their price right? Hmmm, a lot of things to consider. Aside from that I am also worried that once I avail their service a hidden charges might occur. Well, it happens almost to everything you purchase especially if you are going to purchase a service. But I guess not to every services because there are still company that offers lowest price without hidden cost. Yes there is ! Take for example, they offer very low initial registration prices once you buy domain hosting for your blog. What good about it is that the domain name will be registered under your name which means it is really yours once you purchased it. Homepage builder is also included and you can build up to three websites and can change it from time to time without extra cost. Isn't it cool? Actually, they offer many things once you buy domain hosting from them like email forwarding, Domain DNS customization, URL forwarding and a lot more. Hmmm, now I think buying my own domain is really worthwhile especially for a full time blogger like me but just make sure to choose wisely where to buy it.