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Monday, February 9, 2009

Chat with my Sis!

I was so glad because I was able to talked with my sister before I went to work tonight. She told me what happened when they went home last Feb. 1 and I was so glad also that my father finally get back the right for his farm. I'm just a little worried because until now she still don't have work and the money she got from her separation package was also the money she used to pay the loan and to get the farm back. I really hope that she will be able to get a more better job because I know she will be able to help a lot of people whenever she is capable to do so. I also wish that she get a visa in coming here. There's so many wishes but there's only one wish I really wanted for her and that is she will be okey wherever she go.


janed said...

hello.. nice blog.. :)

maxi said...

hello. already added your link to my blogroll. please link me to your blogroll, too and let me know if your done so i can check it. thanks

nadine♥christian said...

i pray your sister will find a good job so then you two will be together again:))

take care, btw thanks again for droppin by my blog:D