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Friday, October 3, 2008

Just the way you like it!

I was blog hopping this afternoon and seen a lot of good Website Design. I’m actually envy the way they have done it because as for me I just rely on the custom layout design provided on the web. I was really poor in doing that because a lot of the codes are jargons to me. I don’t even know what those are. I guess I still have to get a tutorial on web designing or stick with what my web looks like now and be happy about it. But kidding aside, good website design also attracts viewer to stay on your webpage. A well design website combine it with a well written articles will surely get a lot of viewers. Who wouldn’t want a good looking website? Of course we all wanted that but how? I actually asked my friend if she can edit and customize my website to the way I want it to be but she said that she doesn’t have time to do it and she refer me to Website Designwhich offering top of the line web design including the custom flash graphics, ecommerce assistance, database creation management plus traffic driving resources. Sounds good, right? Now the question is how much will it cost me? Well I think spending around $199 up to $250 for a beautiful design is still practical. Would you agree with me? Or maybe someone out there can just help me out with my webpage design. LOL! Well, gather inputs from my two friends who are working as a programmers they said that it’s fair enough and aside from that a reputable website solution company will be the one to do it which means that they can do the job and will do it well. I think that’s what important to me.

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