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Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Cool Beddings Theme

I love my bed, my pillows and blanket because it gave me company for dreamy sleep. I’m not a night person because I fall asleep easily so I make sure that our room is equip with adequate things to make a sound and peaceful sleep. Insomnia has never been my problem and I’m really thankful about it. Sleeping and staying in our room is never been as exciting as now because of our bedding's theme. I’m glad to found the create a photo blanket in the net that help me make my very own beddings theme. The theme is beyond comparison to any of the trendy beddings because it’s our very own memory. Seeing our happy photos in our pillows and the shot the I love in our beddings makes me feel homey and relax. It’s always been a wonderful day for me and my hubby because our beddings theme reminded us of so many happy memories we had shared.


Bed Sheets said...

Congratulations to your new bedding theme :)

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