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Monday, September 22, 2008

My Younger sister's dream

When we were still a kid my younger sister always tell my mom that she will going to be a nurse when she grow old and my mom would always asked her why? Then my sister will reply that she wanted to take care of my mom and dad when they grow old. That was one of my happy memories I had when I saw nurses and I think about my younger sister. Now that we are already old, I thought she would take a nursing course but she opted not to and it’s because the school near our place doesn’t offer a nursing course. What a sad turn out of events because I knew that my sister really wanted to become a nurse. I thought she will never be given a chance to study the course that she wanted but thanks to the internet because it gave hope to my sister when she happened to get a glance a site about nursing schools which offer not only an instructor’s led class in various state but also an online study about nurses which fitted for my sister. I’m really glad to see how happy is my sister now.