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Monday, September 22, 2008

There's always sunshine after the rain...

I got a news from my sister in Philippines that she will soon lost her job. Her boss already talked with her that her last day office is until end of this year which is three months from now. She been working there for 11 years now and I think has been a fruitful years for her. Although she already prepared for the worse there always ill feelings in bad news like this.

I knew my sister to be tough but I also seen her so down. She always been vocal to me to whatever she feel. I just felt sad that I'm not physically around to comfort her just like the way I did before but nevertheless I know that she can handle this situation. I just hope that her application in coming here will be that soon so that she start all over again to a new place and a new job. I know that she can get a job anywhere she wants. Don't worry sis because everything will be fine. Remember that there's always sunshine after the rain. So don't give up but go on.