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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Early Update

Good Morning guys,I woke up 4:30 so early hehehe since I make this blog I think it's my first time to make an early update,Although I post it after I talked my sister and friend But sometimes yes I woke up early but I keep staying in bed dreaming thinking for anything unti I fall sleep again hehehe.

Well when I start earnings yes I told you guy I earned a few buck now and I am signing in any different advertiser waiting to be approved,hopefully I could because I am so happy that I learned many things in blogging world and start to eraned not only gaining friends but money Thanks to friends who helping me.

So guys It's only my update today just want to greet all you a Good morning and Happy thursday,I gotta go need to prepare for work, see you later guys

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Norm said...

good girl Lau! you're starting to earned money now while blogging, thanks for the visit and take care always..