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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are Elephants Afraid of Mice?

I remember while I am reading reader digest its caught my attention that Elephant affraid of mice.How would it be happened? Elephant are huge animal than mice or rat,So I dont believe in this kind of article instead I ignore it but I saw in newspapers about this topic again And I watched in tv a while ago So I am anxious to know what the answer why big animal fear in tiny such one?How could it be?

But oh well I know the answer now In my personal opinion maybe elephant like a human too because I remember my bestfriend back home she so scared in worm it's so tiny thing compares her right?The other thing my hubby so affraid in cockroach before when He visits in phils He saw cockroach and He so affraid in that tiny insect He woke me up in the middle of the night because of that lil insects I kill and thrown it then I laughed at him and say your so big than cockroache why your affraid?because He is hiding in bathroom until I not thrown it hehehe funny,And you know what He answers to me yes Iam but it's so yucky then I laughed and I back to slept again

So maybe elephant like that too hehehe it's only my opinion but what many says ika nga walang malaking nakakapuwing.So thats why sometimes even a huge kind of living thing can be fear in a small thing.What do you think?

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Lou said...

Hi Laura cutie, this is a funny post....small but terrible kumbaga heheh


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