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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fire Alarm

Last night when I got home from work I saw lots people standing in our apartment,Some are in outside even its heavily raining few are inside the main door,They are my co neighbors here,Its my first time to seeing like that bunch of people here in our building,So when I enter at door I heard the noisy fire alarm thats why maybe theres alots of people outside They are worried to have a fire,So when I enter our room hubby open the door for me because He saw me in monitor He said the alarm start ten mins before I got home and He said I need to be ready just incase, all my important papers need like my permanent card,passport etc, So I put it in my purse because He said if theres a fire We ran in car and stay there Oh my Iam so worried but I say why I not see any fire or smoke and I not saw to him that He worried too because He keeps playing in his games.But still I keep watching those people in our monitor and I saw five firemen coming Im a lil worried beacause according to my hubby lasts year the one building here had fire before and its under construction now There are three building here So maybe thats why people had the phobia for it,Then after few minute alarm stop and I saw many people back to their room with matching bags with them and pets some maybe stay in their cars because I cant see them outside. Yes lil scary cant Imagines why if theres fire and I felt relieved after Thanks God for keeping us safe.

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Lou said...

Friend, place all your immigration docs in one folder so if something like this happens again, you can grab it right away...mahirap na, ang mahal pa naman ng fees,,,grrr


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