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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Laundry Time

Once in a week when I do laundry here and I did it every sunday coz that time I dont have work,Im just wondering why wife all do chores not husband hehehe Im not complaining I do love to doing all chores I know its our job to take care the house and besides doing laundry here is not so tiring just because you need only to put it in washer and dryer unlike what I do in philippines I do laundry manually so its takes 4 to 5 hrs and my back so painful after I done,So machine can help with us no need to hang up too to make it dryer we can go online things while waiting the laundry to be done,So guys are you done of this chores Enjoy it hehehe and Happy Sunday to all of you

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Babette said...

You're right Laura, thanks to the washing machine which makes washing clothes so much easier. :) When I buy clothes, I choose ones that does not wrinkle easily para wala nang plantsa. LOL

Thanks sa tag. :)

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