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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is around the corner here its what I noticed everyday I walk going to work and its nice to see it,coz its blooming day by day I notice some flowers too but this cherry blossom are the lots here I saw it in every corner here that before its like a dead tree no leaves no flowers Its magnificient to have a tress like this Its nice to look all arround in every corner of city in park etc,Its kind of graces to have like this,I just fascinated for it coz it will be more beautiful day by day when I walk sometimes I stop walking to peek or to touch only this flowers,its so beautiful God is the best to create like this,Anyway spring is here and nice to be sprung...

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texas_sweetie said...

wow ka guapa jud ani oi.ngandoy baya ko when ko kita cherryblossoms kay nice jud kau mga buwaka.lucky u. humot bana sila?

agi agi rako day.thanks for always passing by my blog