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Sunday, April 27, 2008

FoodSafe Course

Yesterday I took up foodsafe course I know some of you didn't know whats it is well its a one day course that you need if you want to work in food industry and somes of companies belong to foods needs this requierements restaurants or food and drinks factories.

Food safe programs deliver practical, step-by-step instruction in the safe preparation of food, as well as valuable information on worker health and safety.

Sometimes Food can look,smell, and taste good, but still cause foodborne illness. Every year thousands of peoples suffer from the effects of food poisoning. That means that thousands of potential lawsuits, and ruined reputations could follow. Foodborne illness is preventable, and its risks can be minimized by safe food handling practices.

Anyway we had discussion,video presentation in this program and lastly a 55 items writen exam and I am proud to say that I one of the pass hehehe even Im not satisfied with my grade coz its not what I expect but compare to others who teke this food safety course I am lucky coz they failed but they had chances to repeat it again its a good thing for that no extra charge,were all 27 students from any different countries some whites,indians,filipinos,spanish and chinese.class start at 8:30 and end at 5pm.