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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kwantlen University

This pics taken last saturday after class outside of kwantlen university I meet this 3 filipinas in class room they are very nice unlike others filipinas who snob my beauty hahaha.

The old one is ate angie who marriage in white guy too,She been pretty long here in canada so she knows all,The other girl who wearing pink jacket is ate tess she is new in canada she came last dec and like with us she marrying white man too but sadly according to her Her hubby past away last april 9 for not knowing the reason why?She only knows coz of bad stomach pain that His hubbys felt before He past away so sad for her but she will be purely recovered with her somes of friends here and the last one who wearing violet is ate may she married in fil with her 3 kids living here for almost 7 years.We enjoying listening the discussion of our teacher name Sir keith His the kind guy too.And after the class for remembrance we taking pics outside in the school we had fun after me and ate mary going to filipino store after because she knows so she helped me to find it.