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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flipino foods

Last saturday after class me and ate mary go to filipo store,so happy when I found it because its pretty close in our home but cant see it when I walked over there but last saturday thanks to Ate mary for pointing me this store so from now on I can go there because I always craving filipino foods I bought laing,puto,sardines,canton and somes chichiria for me hahaha when I arrived home I show to my hubby what I get from the filipino store and He likes the presto cream biscuit and clover chips hahaha take a look what I got from store.


mightydacz said...

hahaha oragon ka talaga luara!!!laing nice nice nice!!!do they have the one that you gave me always way back in hospicio training days the hopia of engbeten?

Babette said...

Alam mo Laura, favorite ko yang Clover Chips noong grade school ako sa atin. hanggang ngayon pag may nakita ako nyan sa Filipino store, buy agad ako. LOL
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