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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Linker Chain

WE all know that we need to get more links from one another join this linker chain.

* To get more more traffic.
* To increase technorati authority.
* To get more back links.
* To gain more friends around the world.

Heres the Rules:

First copy and paste the list below.
Do not remove any content from the linker list.
Just add One LUCKY NUMBER to your blogs.
If you don't like the concept...say no. :-/
The main goal here is we are going to circulate our number of friends.
The more people who will join the "LINKER CHAIN", the more links we can generate.
Lastly, write only ONE LUCKY NUMBER for your blogs...
Keep it simple and short, I know some of you have more than one blog.
The color for the link should be only black, gray, or white, depending on your blog's theme. Please avoid using any color, ok ?
Hundreds and thousands and millions only no more trillions for chrissake lol.....ok lets get started.

1.) 6966 2.) 609 3.) 066 4.) 066 5.) 606 6.) 669 7.699 8.5354 9.)777
10.)737 11.) 1969 12.)214 13.)1229 14.))7173


Allen's sweetheart said...

Hi Laura tama ito pero erase mo yang mga LINKS sa baba hanggang -YOUR LUCKY NUMBER IS HERE ...lamang hehehhee huwag muna isali ang LINKS kung saan ko ipapasa hehehehe okie na ito i'll grab ur no.? thanks for playing...

Allen's sweetheart said...

hi Laura check it out the if the links is working in your paged...ingat kc when i click it!!! di sila nag-work hehheee check it again okies...

Allen's sweetheart said...

Hi as in napakadali lang niyan turuan kita add mo pinaka-last na number ganyan talaga yan ako nga din sa simula eh..YUNG ADD YOUR LINK ba yun..yan add mo number mo jan edit mo yan lahat e-copy paste mo ulit sa paged ko--- choose ka number na type mo---if di mo pa alam maglagay ng link..ganito na lang ha turuan kita..

first nakita mo yung new post-click mo- din ilagay mo yung tag- na kinuha mo sa paged ko hanggang -end ika no.14 ka na dun mo ilagay ang link example again-14.)0309 - yan siya e-hightlight mo yan "nakikita mo yung sa itaas sa "May FONT "tT" "B" "i" T-color _NEXT the color green -click-on that same time -click the number 0309-highlight right click-high light it din hold the curser click the green button after the color-its hyperlink - then type ur URL? i hope makatulong me hehhehee din pass it whoever na anjan sa Blogroll mo...okie dokie..submit my paged ur Lucky nUMber...huwag ka munang sumuko hehehe

filipinolifeabroad said...

yes..add na kita hehehe salamat sa tiyaga ako din noong una di ko talaga malaman ito hehheee ingat happy monday..