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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Whats Your Dinner

Got this tag from Liz since when I started blogging she always giving me tag till now shes so nice really anyway heres our dinner yesterday I post it late coz we watched movie and after that we decided to slept..I make this pansit yesterday coz hubby like it he called it hair coz according to him its looks like blond hair So everytime he requested me to make this he called hair,He said its so yummy..

Its only ordinary pansit but so yummy hehehe...Anyway wanna share this tag to Norms,Beth,Sweetiepie,Bernadette,Flor and Mel


Norm said...

wow! love your hair sis so yummy nagutom tuloy ako, thanks sa tag..

pinayLovEstories said...

yum yum yum i added u already thanks a lot laura if you like i can publish ur story too along with your link ....just tell me okies.


azillah said...

Hello Laura, wow! so yummy talga iyan ah, pahingi namn d'yan hehehe, pareho pala tayo,,,my hubby loves behon or sotanghon. I love it too.


hi dai laura.salamat for all the awards. ty sa thoughtfulness friend. hv a nice day