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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tiring Monday

Last night Im so tiring my legs very sore dunno maybe that I stand whole day at work plus overtime and need also to work very fast coz I work in piece work company sometimes I can make 12 or 13 bucks per hr but if I slow only 10 or 9 of course I want more money thats why I want my hands to be fast like machine hehehe who the people who not like money somes of my co workers can make 16 bucks or so their speed are very good compare to me but its good for me that I can make like that coz its close in home compare to them they live far so its good that they can make much better than me,
So when I got home last night not felt better good thing that my hubby prepare my hottub so I stay in hottub for 30 mins I think then hubby massage my legs while Im in hot tub and before I go to bed His sweet Im so lucky to have him really thats why I cant update my blog and cant visit other sites so sorry guys and now need to hurry again so see you later guys enjoy tuesday....

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University of Makati Chorale said...

hi, care for ex link? nice site hir. godbless..