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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hey guys do you believe in manghuhula or fortune teller? I not believe of them coz for me its hula hula lang thats why its called hula coz sometimes it will become true and sometimes they predict something wrong but I had experience that I want to share all of you and yes it will happened.

Back before when I was in manila working in binondo we had security guard from visaya we called him manong andy its friday that time when he ask me to show my hands to him even Im doubt still wanting to know my future for fun,so here we go...that time I had my bf and he knows this guys very well coz they always chika chika when he visit me, when I show my hands to him he said that our relationship going to nothing Im mean were not getting well because according to him my ex link to another girl and facing problems mao jud... but he said he not scared me he not say to believe of his words still its depend for my bf and if he survived in that trials we can be together but then he say I meet someone very far in our place with initial letter TWS that time of course I love my ex and I say no it will never happened we had plans already to getting married even no plans for us hehhehe para mabawi lang ba?....but he said destiny is destiny its show in your hands......And after 1 month my ex talked to me bout let him go coz he said he commited sins,yes he have another girl and that time is preggy he said Im shock when I know this no words show in my lips thought heavens falls apart from me its so painful feeling that I can experieced before thought its the end of the world for me cant eat 3 days straight and Im sleepless at night but of course I need to face the reality good thing that I have alots of friends surrounded me my family supportive me infact my dad go to manila from bicol to ask only my vacation coz he said he felt and its hurts... ... that time also dunno how to internet talking,surfing like that,but thing will be going well God give me a man who can love me and accept me for what I am,and after breaking up i learn how to be strong and i learn alots of things like searching in the nets,

After thomas come into my life I realize whats manong andy says me before that I can meet a guy from far places with initial TWS my hubbys name is Thomas William Stone,dunno if its coincidence but I can say maybe He had good predictions talent that comes from God coz not even me who can be proved that even few of my co workers too..Until now cant believe but its happened...His not a fortune teller too if he likes only to look at your hands your lucky to know and he not mind for payment its free ..So guys how about you any experience?

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Liza said...

hindi rin ako bilib sa manghuhula but just for the fun of it, gusto ko magpahula hahahaha.

have a great day sis!