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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

World of Warcraft

My hubbys pastime is too play wow, Its his one of his character in world of warcraft,He name it makulit He likes the word makulit maybe coz even in his character in games he use it,coz what he say to always remember me coz that time im in phils still when he make this character hehehe and he send this pics thru my email....when he played in his games sometimes somes filipinos gamer asking him if his really makulit they think maybe his fil but he said no Im not but me, my hubby addicted in this games that sometimes pissed me off coz he ignore me hehehe maybe Im jealous only but I think its much more better to addicted to games than to addicted in others girls right guys? agree hehehe? And sometimes he say to me to create a character too so we can both play online but I did once and cant keep it coz i felt dizzy for it,But when i found blogging think Im addicted in nets and he jealous coz he said Im addicted in nets too hehehe but maybe he only teasing me hehhe......


rose said...

ehehehe nakakatuwa naman ang kwento mo ate. Adik din pala siya mga online games. Im agree with you ate na di nang bale maadik sa games wag lang sa babae.

by the way bloghopping lang po mustah ka po take care po mwaaaaaaaah

Beth said...

hello , musta na? I got tag for you,