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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whos this???

Do you know this pretty girl? occupying my page hehehe joke... I know some of you know her shes Mel a good friend of mine well not a good but very good I know her for very long time shes my buddy in pinas we partner there always partner in lakwatsa,partner in crime hahaha oppssss.......And even she move to USA to be with her hubby she not forgetting me we talking almost everyday even how busy she is coz she have a lil princess now still we have good communication I wish someday we could visit her so i can see my inaanak too hehehe or maybe she visit me here, well wish ko lang...who knows???....Actually shes the one who force me to do blogging but I always say no way...but she won oneday I dunno why i make my blog hehehe coz Im enjoying reading other site so i think much more enjoying if i join here and yes its true so I owe it to her hehehe ....Thanks bru your the best even before...... having a good friend are good for us coz they like a family we can share our feelings to them become happy or sad they always there nga in good times and bad times so want to thanks to God for giving me a lots of friends,they are all blessing to me.And to having Mel in my life coz shes a true friend a real and have pure heart thats why maybe she have lots of blessings too coz for what she have inside.. And Iam happy for her forwhat she have now ......Ok guys till here only ...have a blessful day to everyone...