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Friday, February 29, 2008

Rain,Rain Go Away

Its a wetty friday today sunrise hiding, since morning raining comes till now almost whole day non stop grrrrrrr good thing that Im off to my work so I not be freezing outside while walking coz even not snowing its cold for me,sometimes I like rains especially when I was younger I always asking God for rain before I remember that coz we played in the rain we swimming in sea while raining hehehehe we live in island that why i like rain coz we can get water from rain without going to far place to get some water so its like a blast when raining comes when i was a kid all my friends and cousins playing in the rain while grab water hehehe and even iam so dark or lets see pale I not stop myself to playing I miss that it been a long time since I cant be play in the rain but when Im getting older things changes I hate raining esp when Iam in manila if its over rain flood comes sometimes causing of lanslides or other tragedys somewhere so sad to heard that but we needed also rains sometimes especially to our flowers to be bloom the trees etc but hope not so rainy hoping for rain rain go away and come again another day.