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Friday, February 29, 2008

Roses For You

I love roses so every people who give me flowers esp roses it feels me happy and special well wanna thanks for amazing person who give this roses to me SWEETIEPE and BETH thanks guys you really two are sweet glad that I meet you

THESE ARE FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And don't tell me you're too busy for this.
Don't you know the phrase 'stop and smell the flowers'?
See how many bouquets you end up with!
"Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trials keep you Strong,
Sorrows keep you Human,
Failures keep you Humble,
Success keeps you Glowing,
But Only God Keeps You Going!
"And the most exciting part!!!

Wanna pass this to Norms,Liz,Flor,Chant,Nor,Jen,Bernadette,Chubby,Debbie,Rose,Jhona and Liza



beautiful and lovely! thanks for sharing...

Norm said...

hehehe exchange tag pala tayo nitong rose pink lau! kahapon ko rin ito ginawa then hindi ako naka pagblog hop kasi medyo busy beauty ko kahapon happy weekend sayo ha..