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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ASCIIBin - have you heard about it?

I'm a graduate of Computer Science but ASCII coding is always been difficult for me. In fact even the famous "Hello World" program coding seems to be vague for me now. It's as if I never been to school that I forget simple program code either in C language or in C++ language. The problem with programming is that you easily forget the code when you don't really use it. Well, I thought I won't be able to recall the coding but thanks to the Code Collaboration from ASCIIBin because I was able to recall my programming language.

Yeah, that's right! ASCIIBin is also like Pastebin but what's really cool about this site is that you can collaborate with other programmers and learn from them. Aside from that it offers many additional features that you can't find in Pastebin. To give you some informations about the ASCIIBin features, here are some of it:

  • User registration system with customizable profile.
  • Write text before and after code blocks for precise descriptions of problems.
  • Password protected BINs for non-public collaboration
  • Ability to view, delete and change public view for registered user BINs
  • Individual user RSS Feeds
  • Comment System using inline editing supporting the same full range of BBCode
  • Comment update emails to authors and subscribers
  • Collaboration and Correction System

As a blogger, it is an advantage to know some basic programming language especially the HTML programming because you can do a lot if ever you wanted to enhance your blog site or add some feature in it.


josh said...

Programming used to be my field, but due to the need of quick cash I turned to some other sort of living. But it is indeed beneficial for us bloggers.

Gorgeous MUM said...

All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within...

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Gorgeous MUM said...

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