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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let EDIC protect you.

I visited my dentist just recently for my regular dental cleaning and check up when I heard one of their client talking about what happened to her when she visited the clinic nearby. I peep at the door to see how she looks like and I was shocked with how she looks. I thought she has big face but when I looked at her again I realized it was swollen. I don’t know what happened but my dentist told me about it. He told me that his client got a tooth extraction from the other clinic but it wasn’t done the way it should be. There’s a small piece of her tooth that was left in her gums and that was the one causing her client’s swollen face. He told me that it was very painful and might cause a lot of trouble to her client if not being operated. I just realized that it was not an easy job and the patient might be at risk. In cases like this we all wanted to feel secure and I think the best way to do that is to insured ourselves and save us from this kind of trouble. But you also have to know the insurance you are planning to get; will it cover dental liability as well? It will be best if you have better idea the coverage of your insurance plan and I suggest that you really take a look on this. Review first if you have to. I don’t want to happen with me what happened to my dentist’s client and so I make sure my insurance covered cases like this. Don’t waste your time, take a look at your insurance plan and if you don’t have yet better to get one for you and for your family because we don’t know what will happen in the future. Protect yourself the way EDIC will protect you from any dental liability.