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Friday, September 19, 2008

Remembering my Bohol Escapades

I've read the news about Bohol and the things you will love once you get there. The writer mentioned the 10 things she loves why she always wanted to visit Bohol and somehow I can relate with her. I been to Bohol I think six years ago. My friend who happened to be married to an Australian guy invited me to spend Christmas with them. I was so excited that time and I can't help but tag my sister along with me. It was a fun vacation both for me and my sister as we were able to visit all the beautiful places Bohol can offer.

I was able to hold the tarsiers which I thought was a big animal before and I was awed when I seen how small it was. I think the average size of the Tarsier is just about as big as my palm (take note that I'm a petit woman, LOL!). They were so smooth and have really big eyes that almost occupy half of their face. They were so cute but delicate and I can't forget how they feel inside my hands.

Then I saw how chocolate hills was arranged as if there's a man responsible why the hills were like that. Again, I was wrong thinking that the hills were small. Gosh, the average height of the hills I think is about the size of two storey building. What amazed me is how it was beatifully landscape. It was a sight to behold. And then the white beach, gosh I can't help but admire the beauty of their beach. There's a lot more to see in there. Given a chance, I wanted to visit that place again.