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Friday, September 19, 2008

My Digital Picture Frame

I was so amazed when I first saw the digital picture frame. I thought it was so cool but since it was my first time to saw such cute and dynamic picture frame I had to know how it works before purchasing. I really want to have it because I can upload my favorite photos that were temporarily saved in my computer. Another good things I seen in acquiring digital picture frame is that I can change the pictures anytime. Since I already made up my mind in buying my own digital picture frame I searched the internet to learn more about it. How I can operate it and of course the other features embedded into it. I was just so glad that digital frames explained what this digital picture frame is all about. I am also able to learn what file format is compatible to upload and other functionalities of the digital picture frame. Upon reading all about it, I had no doubt I will buy my own digital picture frame!