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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Weekly Specials!

It’s already been awhile since the last time we had a grand vacation and this time I wanted to make sure that this vacation will happen. We already started our search where to spend our weekly specials. We wanted to spend our vacation where both I and my hubby will enjoy a lot but of course with minimal cost. As they say, enjoy your life but be sure to be practical as well. LOL! I wanted a place to spend our vacation where we can relax while enjoying each day with their own special events, meaning, we wanted a place to go that has lots of activities to offer. So while searching we stumbled upon this site What interest us are their two beachfront waterparks, their amusement park and their holiday specials. It’s indeed the place we are looking for. We also don’t have problem in booking for our hotel because they have several hotels to offer. I’m really glad I found this family beach vacation because I don't need to worry a lot of things but instead just pack up our bags and go. LOL! I just can’t keep my excitement planning for this vacation and I’m really crossing my fingers that this will happen very soon! One thing i know for certain is Morey's Piers is a great place for a New Jersey vacation!