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Friday, September 19, 2008

It's my one year of stay here in Canada!

Yay! I couldn't help but think how times quickly fly. I still remembered the day when I left Philippines and it seems like just yesterday. It was raining that time when I together with my sister and cousin headed to the airport to catch my flight going to Vancouver. It was my first time to travel outside our country. I had a mixed feelings that time. I'm excited because finally me and hubby will be together after a long time. I'm lonely because I need to leave my family in the Philippines. I'm little bit afraid and nervous because I don't know what will be my life in Canada and what really made me afraid was that it was my first time to travel outside our country and alone.

But God is always been good to me especially. He never left me. I arrived Vancouver safe and sound with Kim to pick me up since my hubby had to work that time. When I arrived Canada, I immediately fall inlove with the countries and the people around me. It was really an awesome place to live in. No pollution, no traffics and has very good goverment services. I love the snow but I hate the coldness it brought to me. LOL!

Now, I can say that I had a very fruitful year in Canada. I am so thankful to my hubby who has been very supportive to me. He was so patient during my time of adjustment and always been a loving husband to me. He is the greatest gift Canada had ever gave to me.

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Elli Davis said...

Lovely! We are happy to have you here! I believe Canada is one of the most tolerant and perspective countries for immigrants. Enjoy Vancouver and don't worry about the weather - yes, it's a bit colder here, but be patient, you will meet also warm days. And nothing is more relaxing than hot bath after hours spent walking on frozen streets during winter!
Take care