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Monday, August 4, 2008


So my husband was looking for more office supplies for our home and he remembered a site he had used before called Vista Print.The supplies he was looking for this time was a "FAXED" ink stamp and also some "return address" stickers that we can use when mailing things whether it is bills or birthday cards etc. While we were browsing the Vista Print website we stumbled upon some really cool desktop calendars calenders . Thomas and I really liked the calendars because you can order them with a picture of a loved one or whatever you want on it. Shopping from Vista Print is especially handy as they have many methods to paying for items and the shipping has been good for us in the past as well. I think we will be placing an order for the photo calendars as soon as i pic the right photo. Will be a nice gift idea i think. I know i look forward to have my desktop calendar because it is more convenient than where we have our current calendars on our wall far from our desks. Thomas said he might order some custom calendars with our blogsite address on it along with the photo calendars we want to order. I am really looking forward to getting our calendars but don't know if i can handle the wait hehehe.