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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Job Interview Yesterday

Yesterday I had an interview for what I hope will be a new job for me. Actually it would be a second job for me because I want to keep my current job and just work more hours. I guess it may seem like alot of hours but I was used to working very long hours in the Philippines and your not allowed to work so hard in Canada at same job or they have to pay so much so a second job is the only option. The interview went really well and the person who interviewed me was very nice and easy to talk too. I was not nervous like I thought I would be because my husband told me to just be myself and if I am not hired by them it would be there loss because he knows I am such a hard worker and he told me how proud he is of me today. So now I have to wait a week or so to get my new job and I thank my husband for his support and his contacts to get me the interview and I look forward to finally having a full-time job.


Mummy SHENG said...

i do hope you get the job!

good luck!

laura said...

Thanks, I hope so too!