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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Acne Problems

When I was in Philippines I struggled with my acne problem and had to see a Dermatologist often to help clear it up. Since moving to Canada my husband told me that Dermatologists should be a "last resort" and not the first option. He directed me to a website that has up to date information on all of the popular acne treatments. The Acne site has info on many brands and also shows the top brands based on a number of factors which are also posted on the acne treatment site. The site even has info on where to get the best deal on acne products so pretty much all of the "leg work" is done you just need to go to the website and read there info and make the best decision with the info provided. I have read alot of the info provided on the site and it all looks up to date and very informative and I will be making my purchase of acne medication based on what I have read from that website.

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johbdavid.david said...

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