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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yay So Happy......

Yes guys I am so happy really that Im earning through blogging not only a friend all over the globe but yes money money money hehehe still my face smiling here because it's my first time to earned bucks here in blogphere when my hubby open his paypal He not believe too that theres money there as with me my eyes become wider when I saw the 67 bucks and I laugh and laugh and until now its keeps me smiling.
Well I want to thanks to my friend my sissy at the same time who always encouraged me to join in this community Mel I call her bru dunno where we find it coz for us maybe its like a brother whatever,Anyway shes the one who help me thats why Im earned like this,She have an advertiser friend So she recomend my blog and after a week they give me task,So thanks to my friend for helping me always.
So guys if you like to earned like me visit my friend blog Mel and ask her help maybe she could help you too.Ok guys gotta ready to work now.Happy blogging see you later.


Mummy Sheng said...

congrats girl! hope you'll be able to earn a lot!

mightydacz said...

ayayay!!!!doobedobedooooo congratz laura ayn may pangjollibee ka na hahahaha

Lou said...

Good job, Laura! Keep it coming.


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