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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ring From KFC

I received a call today from KFC just wondering why they called because we not have any order to deliver and When my hubby answered the phone The people who called looking for me hmmmm So I say hello and the man I talk in other line asking me if still finding a job? what? for so many months passed I give my resume since Im a week here in Canada and they only called me today which I am already ten months to be here Oh well dunno If I accept the job I had already a job and I can get good wages for all you know Im the fastest there that sometimes I can get 17 per hr lately but just what I post before theres no benifits there and where a slow now but after vacation of kids in their school we will become busy again,So I am confuse If I accept the job or not want you think guys? need your help any advice?

Note, hubby wont me to come there on friday but I want too, I want to earn extra money.

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Michelle said...

hi laura, if you're not working and bored then KFC is fine but if you already have a job with a good payout then don't accept the KFC offer. :)