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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Im true inlove with my Hubby

How You Are In Love

You fall in love quickly and easily. And very often.

You give completely and unconditionally in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You are fickle and tend to fall out of love easily. You bounce from romance to romance.

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Keith said...

You make it sound so natural, so free. I know having fallen out of a long romance, I wanted to say it was (her) that tried so hard to make me change (as she did), but how unconditional was my love if I thought eventually it would be she that would change for me? I was just as controlling as her... Love is always challenging, but hopefully we learn more about when to discuss things... and when to be quiet