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Saturday, March 22, 2008


1.Nasubukan mo na bang magkagustosa mas matanda sayo?? yes my hubby is 2 yrs older than me
2.When was the last time you ateadobo?? last tuesday I think I always cooked this its my hubbys fave
3.Gaano ka importante sayo ungcellphone mo? not important now b4 its important when I was in PI
4. What is your favorite song?? dunno lahat fave ko
5. When was the last time you watchedin cinema?? 2 months ago with kim my first time watched in theater here in canada
6.Are you conscious to your self?? sometimes
7.Naranasan mo na bang ma- insecuresa iba?? sometimes
8. Naransan mo na bang pag-agawan? I not remember hehehe
9. Who is the person whom you hatedmost??Nope what for?
10. What’s the reason?? nothing
11. What is your best asset?? dunno
12 .What is the color of yournails?? Nope dun like to colors my nail
13. Who is the last person you talkedon the phone?? hubby I think
15 . Are you close wit your cousins?? Yes
16. What is the name of your dog?? No dogs
18. Do you wear ring?? Yeah, wedding ring
19. How about bracelets?? nope
20. Do you wear braces?? nope


1. Are you happy??Yes very much happy
2. Who are you chatting with rightnow??my co workers earlier ago
3. What’s the last thing youbought?? hmmmm for myself shoes and PJ
4. Who were the last people you hungout with?? Friend
5 . Have you ever broken a promise?? sometimes hehehe
6. Have you ever fallen apart with afriend?? yeah
7.What are you most excited about?? to visit PI
8 . What do you usually do whenyou’re bored?? blog,chat to friends
9 . Who was the last person to textyou?? Nope
10 . Who was the last person who gaveyou a testimonial?? Nope
11. Do you talk to yourself?? sometimes. lol
12. What do you do when your heartis broken?? cried hehehe pero if naaalala ko natatawa me
13. Are you a good friend?? Yes 100%
14. What is your hobby?? watching movie tamad na me mag crosstich
15. Are you artistic?? dunno
16. Do you wear contact lenses?? no
17. What is your favorite food?? chicken hehehe
18.Have you ever lost your phone?? no.
19. Who do you miss the most?? family
20. Will you ever admit to your crushthat you like him/her?? Im not teenager ala na me crush ngayon.

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Babette said...

Sa Phils. nga gamit na gamit and cellphone. Dito di masyado. Ang cellphone ko nasa bag ko lang, nagagamit ko pag nasa labas ako ng bahay. Other than that, wala. :)

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