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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Flowers Bloomed

Its the 3rd day of spring here,well I dont have any idea what spring is coz cant experience it yet,Im new here in canada so dunno bout it what I only knew is winter that what I experience recently and so coldy for me,I bet with you guys too coz In our land dont had winter.

Well I heard that spring are the most nicest weather here coz the flowers bloomed and the trees grows if like that I want spring all the time hehehe coz I love flowers I love green leaves coz for me green is sign of bounty lives you will be succeed for everything not only for money but for health as well,So im green lover

So it was I noticed yesterday I always go church but cant see this flowers bloomed I always saw this flowers like a died hehehe ...But yesterday I saw lots of flowers trying to bloomed good thing I brought my camera so i took a pics for it hehehe.And yes I know and its proof of spring time...yepey...

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Norm said...

wow! very nice na talaga ang mga flowers dyan lau! marami ng leaves dito wala pa as of now..