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Monday, March 17, 2008

Home Gym

Its what you can see in our lil cutie home hehehhe Its like a gym in the corner of home oh well Its occupying spaces hehehe since hubby likes to working out,Last saturday we bought my bike,heavy and speed bag for hubby but Il have fun punching this bag too even its lil kinda hard,My cutie hands knock out instead of this bag hehehe but seems so good for working out hubby have fun punching this bags its a good workout anyway you can burn lots of calories.

Well anyway losing weight is kinda hard to do,you need to focus for it,And exercise is hard to do you need to be consistent for what you does and someties you felt like you want to give up But some says No pain No gain and If theres a will theres a way.. right guys?hehehhe So hoping we can lose some weight starting today coz since I come here in canada I noticed that Im gaining weight my pants becomes tight now and I dont like it.I felt so uncomfortable for my body cant wear my fave clothes now

So guys If you want to joined with us You can come here and lets rid the fats hahahaha And also be healthy thats the main thing...ok see you then happy monday to everyone.


Beth said...

It's really good to work out though. You feel good after working out :) Me and my husband like to work out too :)

Chant said...

wish I can have one of those (sigh)

Babette said...

Sige Laura, work-out tayong dalawa. :) We also have a home gym in our basement. Kung magkalapit lang tayo work-out buddy sana tayo. Dito na lang sa online. LOL

Definitely Maybe!
Not Another Blog...

texas_sweetie said...

wow suyaa naku oi naa mo home I wish maka anha ko para maka work out ug libre hehe..nice oi kay anytime gusto ka pasingot pwede ra tongtong dayon sa bike.nice!