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Monday, March 31, 2008

First Photo Posted In Nets

Actually its not my first photo that I posted in internet to find a partner hehehe I missed it.. coz when I found thomas and I commited with him I promise to him not posted in nets anymore as you will know His the one who did my ym I not meet him in laurastone id hehehe, coz maybe He scared that I find new hahaha joke well I love him only but this pics I think Its my first photo in cafe that I took while waiting him to be online and He likes it thats the important.....Anyway thanks to my friend Flor to shared this dko ito naisip hehhehe....

Folks that shared of photo are Flor,Mae,Ellen,Allen,Jenny,Laura

Wanna share it to Scottys princess,Mel,Beth,Liz,Joy Grace,Dezz,Bing,Nor,Sweetiepie,Anne and Babette

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Pamps said...

so ganun pala..that's how you met your hubby...dropping by here..

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