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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy blogging to myself

Hi guys....I'm new into this blog really I do not have any idea how to create my site,how to post or let say how to express myself do not know how to start that is the main thing hehehe but I am trying hard to joining in this blog because I always reading or keep peaking to any other site and seems it's wonderful to have a lot of friends since I am new here in Canada only four months and if I do not have work I stay home all the time before I enjoy my time staying at home because I always talk to my friend from USA Melanie but now shes so busy because shes giving to birth to her little angel so shes been pretty busy for this time and she cant able to go online all the time, time in manila is big difference compares here too so I cant talk to my sis back home either so do not know what I do if my hubby working sometimes I always peeking in other blogs so I have an idea how to spend my time now hehehe ...hoping that I can gain real friends here or I can earned money in the future too hahaha speaking of money who's people in earth cannot be like in money hahaha but well my main purpose is to earned a lot of friends whom I can rely on,I mean who I can be called a real one cause a true friendship cannot be measure of any measurement its priceless ok guys happy Tuesday.