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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blogging World

Blogging is kinda hard it can be drained of your brains hehehe but for me its not because i dont have brain hehehe (just kidding) But whether you believe it or not In our family Im the one who not smart all my siblings are intelligent they are all get medal after finishing their scholling but mom not agree for that for her all her kids are smart and wise but oh well every mom is like that they treated their daughters or sons like a prince or princess its somes to the point that they want to recieved any trials or ready to sacrifice for their kids. oh well blogging is hard for me especially when i write english maybe im wrong like that like this Im not confident to write her because I really admit that Im not a good writer nor the good student maybe someone laugh the way i talk the way i write but im not a perfect and i want to try to blog because i know theres someone all over the globe that have a kind of heart mostly and i believe also that theres a bad people arround too but i hope and i pray that i can use this to learn for my english to be better and mostly to have alots of friends.....hopefully i wish and someday im sure it will be fun.