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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Something to Ponder

Now that I get a chance to sit and relax there are also many things that I think about. Just like thinking how lucky I am today having a very good hubby that supported me all the way. I never really thought about it before as I was busy doing my own things when I was still in the Philippines.

Talking about Philippines also brought me of so many happy memories. One of course is my family there. I feel sad once in a while thinking about them but because of technology our communications become so easy that I feel they are just within my reach. I can talk with them everyday if I wish to. I can see them also even just it's a virtual thing but that's okey at least I can see them.

And now, while waiting here and looking back, I told myself how lucky I am being here with my hubby and being with my family at the same time. It's as if I am in two different countries at the same time. Weird, but that's how I feel because no matter where I am I know that I will be happy knowing that the people whom I love is just within my reach.

Do you ever wonder how things change right now? Do you also feel lucky like me having those? Well I hope so because life is so simple now that God let us use the things we enjoy right now. All we need to do is to take care what He provide for us.

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Jona said...

i'm two hours away from my parents now that we're here in our own place yet i miss them alot. how much more if you're miles and miles apart like in your case. thank god talaga for technology though being with them is still something different.

happy nice day!