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Friday, February 27, 2009

Lenten Season...

Ash Wednesday for this year was over and for Catholic church it is also the beginning of the Lenten Season. I remembered way back home that everyone is anticipating for the lenten season. It's a huge celebration for the Catholic church. I myself used to do the "Bisita Iglesia" (visiting churches) during holy Thursday and attending the veneration of the holy cross during Holy Friday. Then on black Saturday, I and my cousins attend the holy mass in the afternoon and of course on Easter Sunday where everyone is rejoicing.

Of course, I also miss the vacation when most of the time I and my sister go to Quezon province and spent our holy week there at our friend's house. I just love the sea, the mountains and of course the people there. But now, I'll celebrate the holy week together with my hubby and we are both excited this coming summer. Oh, I just love to feel the heat of the sun again after the looonnngg winter season. LOL!