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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My October 1st

Wow, looks how times fly. It's now again October and in a few more months we will again celebrating Christmas and New Year. Well, for my October 1st I got a lot of things to thank with. First of course is that me and my hubby are very happy and we are both healthy. That alone makes me really thankful. Seeing him everyday and being with him now is a lot more different when I was still in the Philippines. Then of course my job. It's now my second day in my new job which I begun to really like. Aside from the fact that I learned faster it's also much easier from my other job. I'm excited also because being with my job means I'll gain a lot of friends. Well, hopefully and I'm crossing my fingers on that. Then of course my blog where I enjoyed expressing my ideas and having a lot of online friends.

What about you? How's your October 1st this year?

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nahj12 said...

wish you luck sis.. mwahh