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Friday, September 26, 2008

Movado mens

My hubby just celebrated his birthday recently but poor me, I don’t have gift yet for him. Could you imagine that? I know that it’s a lame excuse if I said that I been busy with my work and etc. He might not be talking about it but it is still good if I have a gift for him. I’m still contemplating what to give when I seen the Movado watches. Wow, Movado mens look elegant on those watches and will surely look pretty on my hubby’s hand too. There’s a lot of choices but I just feel in love to the Movado watches sports edition SE Men's Watch S/S Chronograph Blue Dial 0605154. I like the way it looks and it suits to my hubby’s personality. Not only that, I know that I have a great deal buying it because I can get a free watch up once I buy this blue dial 0605154 model. As I read the features I can’t help but admire the maker of this watch. It is water resistant, has invisible double locking clasp, has silver hand indicators and hours makers, has scratch resistant sapphire and the manufacturer used precise Swiss quarts which is know to be the best when it comes to watch movement. Whew, what a great deal for watches. I’m sure my hubby will just love it!