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Friday, September 26, 2008

Addicted to blog

It’s been almost a year now since I started blogging. At first I thought I will not be able to sustain it but later I found out that writing is one best outlet in every emotions that you been through day by day. I gained friends online and became addicted to blog hopping and giving messages as well. This activity help me passed the day by in a fruitful way. I learned a lot of things, knew lots of people and able to share my thoughts with them. What a great way to just spend my day whenever I am free. I don’t need to go out and spend too much just to socialize plus the fact of course that I gained something in returns. Now, I’m convincing my other friends who also love writing to do the online blogging. I told them that it’s fun, not expensive and worthwhile to be busy with especially when profits come. I don’t deny it that blog advertising help me as well aside from the fact that I really love writing now. For the past months, blogging has become my daily routine. My day won’t be complete if I don’t see my site. LOL! I’m just so thankful for all the people who regularly visiting my site. I make sure that I do the same as well not only because they visit me but I also learn a lot from them. What a way to spend my day.